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    Email Gateway User Guide?


      Good morning, we are going to be upgrading from 6.7.2 to 7.5. I'm having touble finding an admin guide for end users.  I saw the one for admins but nothing for users. Any suggestions?


      Thank you

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          I am not sure I am following what you are asking. End users shouldnt be able to access the device unless its using on-box quarantine and they are retrieving their email. At that point there should be a help button on the webpage.

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            Thank you for replying, so to clarify many moons ago we had proivided training guides for the end users on how to use the quarantine, release messages. whitelist etc on the old iron Mail product. Now that it has some changes I want to do the same thing but did not want to have to rewrite a user guide if one already exists.


            1. Here is your new link and what to expect

            2. Here is your new quarantine.

            3. Here are your opttons etc


            Something along these lines that is ultra user friendly.