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    HT upgrade from 2012 to 2014




      I have McAfee internet security 2012 installed and would like to upgrade to 2014 version.  I have another, unused copy of McAfee internet security 2012 on cd but no copies of 2014 version.  Could someone tell me the best way to accomplish this?


      Thanks a lot!



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          Your version isn't ultimately dependant on which CD you have but rather if your subscription online is current.  If you currently have the software installed then you have an online account.  That spare CD will only provide another license, but it's your online subscription that determines whether or not you are up to date.  You would automatically be upgraded as the new versions become available as long as your subscription is current..


          If you need to talk to someone about your account Customer Service will be glad to help you and it's a free call - see the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.  We can't access customer accounts from this forum.






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            Hello Ex_Brit,


            Not sure I understand what you're saying.


            Are you saying that McAfee keeps itself current and updates from within the program to the latest software version/scanning engine?  If that's the case then I should already be running the 2014 version and there's no reason to try to upgrade it manually, All I have to do is input the new activation key.  Is that correct?


            If I'm not understanding correctly, (above), then what am I missing?


            Also, Is there an actual software version on the cd or is it just a downloader program that when invoked downloads the actual program?


            Thanks again,



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              The CD is just a license for the software, it installs online the latest version,  But I can't guarantee that a 2012 disk will provid coverage for you as it's expired.  Check with Customer Service of you have any problems with it.


              The software that you already have installed is not really the 2012 version even though it may have been labelled as such when you bought it, it's the latest that's available to you on your subscription.


              You can check the actual version by opening SecurityCenter and then clicking About..


              For instance mine is SecurityCenter 12.8, Antivirus 16.8 and Firewall 13.8.   It doesn't really go by year.





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                Ok, I'm going to try one more time.


                The version numbers don't really help me as I don't know what the latest versions are, (I'm sure yours is the latest version), and they don't tell me whether it's the latest interface and scanning engine


                If I were to go the store and buy McAfee Internet Security 2014 or buy it online, either way, would I get anything different when I install it than I have on my computer now, having initially installed using the 2012 disk?

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                  I doubt you'd get anything different but can't guarantee anything as it all depends if you've kept the subscription current for the last 2 years.  Can't you tell me what version is installed then I can tell you if you are current?   Although the retail boxes are labelled by year, that is purely a marketing thing.  You get the latest version regardless when you insert that CD the installer searches online for the software and downloads the latest version anyway.

                  My concern was that such an old CD might not even install, in which case you would have to consult with Customer Service.

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                    So, "I don't know" is the answer.


                    Would have been a lot easier for both of us if you'd just said that in the beginning.



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                      No I don't because you wont tell me what version is installed. "2012" is meaningless.

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                        I will try to help here

                        If you have an install already of Mcafee open it and click on navigation and find the about tab bottom left of list of features and click on that. Depending on versions the about tab as well as being found using navigation can also be seen in the bottom right of the Mcafee opening screen if your version is 12.* or the top right if your version is older.


                        Opening about will show your latest versions and engine version dates. If you have 12,8 for Mcafee security that is the latest. Note Version 12 and older do not use Dats anymore.



                        That unused cd might get you another licence but you need as Peter said to ask customer service.


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                          For others who might be wondering the same thing as I was, here's what i've found so far.


                          If you have a cd key you want to use go to this page http://home.mcafee.com/root/ECards.aspx?affid=0&pkgid=272%2c273&flow=cdkey&cid=7 8243&ctst=1 , there is no way to renew your subscription from within McAfee on your pc with a cd key, you must do it online. 


                          I think it's better to log into your account or create an account and log in before you redeem your key.  There is a log in button on this page.  Once you've finished you'll be able to choose whether you want to extend your current subscription, if you have one, or start a new subscription.


                          The cd keys do not expire.


                          The only thing on the cd is a downloader utility or if you choose to download your product from your account page, it first downloads the downloader utility.  In either case, it will only download the latest version so no worries there.


                          I still haven't found out whether the Ui and Scanner engine updates from within the program but I will know withing the next few days and will post back when I know.  In any case, if they do not then it's a simple matter of uninstalling what you have on your pc and downloading and installing the new version.


                          Oh, I did call "Customer Service" / "Tech Support"..........I got the same kind of "Answers" there as I got here.


                          on 5/5/14 9:11:29 PM CDT
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