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    up graded to windows 7


      I have upgraded my 2 computers software to windows 7 now mcafee is telling me it has disabled my mcafee program because i have 4 computers. and wants me to buy more licences. I pay for 2 computers and have disabled on the mcafee site to old computer names and it now shows 2 computers instead of4 which is good BUT it is still disabling my mcafee program saying it have 4 computers. how do I fix this.

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          Peter M

          Sometimes it's best to uninstall McAfee while upgrading a system then reinstall.  If your online account is showing that you have an available license then try the following first:


          Uninstall all McAfee via Control Panel > Programs and Features

          Run the MCPR Cleanup Tool and reboot.

          Download and install your software from the online account.


          If there is a discrepancy in your license count on your online account page, then give Customer Relations a phone call, it's free of charge and available via the link under "Useful Links" at the top of this page.    They can make adjustments to your account for you.