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    Thunderbird - Moving messages from inbox to Mcafee Anti-spam


      Hi All

      I am completely frustrated by the fact that my thunderbird is running very slow and observed very interesting thing that at the left bottom corner on the status bar is says:


      "Moved 23167 messages from Inbox to Mcafee Anti-Spam"


      While it is doing that it is running very slow and often when you click on a message or anythingelse it says (Not Responding) at the top.

      Ok I thought I will leave my laptop alone for all night so it can process all of my messages then it might be ok.


      The next morning I checked the progress of moving these messages to anti-spam and it is still doing it and apparently it moved 23,167 messages even though my anti-spam folder is EMPTY and it wont stop doing it and the number of messages continuously inreasing.


      First of all in my inbox there are only 1,279 messages in total but it says that it moved 23,167 messages which is impossible as I dont have this many messages in my inbox . It wont stop doing it!!

      Is it possible that some king of virus is in my computer and it is embedded in my thunderbird and it displays this false message at the bottom and it is doing something with my thunderbird.


      I know that I can disable Mcafee and my thinderbird will work fast but I dont want to disable it.


      Also I am being bombarded by false emails from Royal Bank of Scotland and HMRC with zip files that are trojans. Every time I delete this message my MCafee says that it is a trojan. Therefore I dont want to disable MCafee however it has some issues with thunderbird as it runs very slowly plus it says which is weird that it is moving messages to anti-spam but not a single message is physically moved. Which antispam it is talking about? its not the one I can see!!! Arghhhh.......



      I am using Windows 8, Thunderbird 24.5.0, Mcafee Total Protection 2014

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