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    DMZ Agent Handler / Repository without incoming Ports




      two short questions about port communication between different network segments.

      I´m in the curious situation to build an interconencted ePO environment out of 7 network segements.

      The hardest part is the fact that 3 of these segments blocks incoming communication, only outgoing ports are allowed.

      The ePO isn´t a part of these segments, so my target is to build this without incoming traffic to 3 of 7 segments.


      My idea was to use Agent Handlers in all of the 7 segments.

      The only port who needs to be open from ePO to the Agent Handler is port 80.

      So my first question: Is it possible to connect both without port 80 outgoing from ePO to the Agent Handler?


      Seperately i want to use remote repositories to decrease network traffic to the ePO itself.

      Remote Repositories also need incoming traffic to the three special segments.

      My idea is to sync the repository folder with a third party tool like a pull task out of the segments.

      So my second question: Is it possible to configure the remote repository for clients without use the sync-task in ePO?



      Hoping for usefull answers :-)