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    mcshield.exe causing memory issues


      My issue began about 4 weeks ago and I have been unable to correct the problem.


      The memory use of mcshield.exe increases until so much memory is used that my computer locks up... sometimes even the blue screen.

      I have a resource monitor running and when I first start my computer the Used Physical Memory is about 27% but once it gets to 40% then I know if I try to open a web page or program the computer will soon lock up.

      The highest memory user is mcshield.exe.  It will start at using about 171,000KB of reserved memory and climb to over 400,000 before my computer freezes.

      I have run the McAfee virtual tech.... I contacted mcafee and they suggested I uninstall and reinstall the Mcafee program and I did  (this has actually seem to speed up the rate of memory loss)


      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

      Intel(r) core i7 cpu 930 @2.80ghz (8 CPUs)

      8192 MB Ram


      any suggestions?

      thank you

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          I would have thought 8Gb memory would not be affected by 400Mb memory usage. What was the cpu usage when it froze?


          Did you ever have another AV installed if so did you remove it with its own removal tool?


          When you reinstalled Mcafee did you use the removal process



          Version 13.6 of the security centre is due out soon I am running it (as a beta install) and have no such memory issues. Nor does my win 7 64 bit install using Mcafee 12.8 version. It has 8Gb ram as well.


          Usually the locking up is a program clash like thunderbird causes big issues with Mcafee but there is a workaround. Is the lockup recoverable?


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            Peter M

            That, I hope, is Windows 7 SP1?  You can check that by right-clicking the desktop or Start Menu Computer item and selecting Properties.  Please confirm if so.


            Also please make sure that Internet Explorer is the very latest version plus its add-ons and at default settings.  This is important even if you do not use IE as your browser, other software uses it including McAfee user interface.


            Yesterday a vital update for IE was issued by Microsoft through Windows Update, make sure you have it, a reboot may be required.


            That is all important stuff but getting to the memory issue, that should not be happening and could be many reasons.


            Try running the Virtual Technician to see if it finds and fixes problems: http://mvt.mcafee.com/


            If that fails to fix whatever it is I suggest uninstalling all McAfee via Control Panel > Programs and Features

            Then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

            Reinstall from your online account.


            If all the above fail to cure the situation, there may be a clash with something and only Technical Support can sort that out, it's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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              Peter M

              Oops, sorry I had no idea Tony was also replying.  Well 2 answers are better than none at all.  ;-)

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                Thank you for responding but unfortunatly I have tried everything you suggested.


                To answer Tony...

                I don't have another AV.

                I too would think 8g ram should handle 40% memory usage.  What happens at that point is if I try to use any progam (game, email, web) then the mcshield climbs and locks me up but I can't tell at exactly what point.  Once the computer locks up then my only recovery is to power off and reboot.  This gets my usage back down to about 25% memory usage. via my Resource Monitor - Physical Memory= 2200 In use + 2700 standby +about 3100 free. 

                Available memory 5800 and cached 2800. 


                To avoid a crash I try to watch my resource monitor and restart when the memory gets to about 40%.  This takes about 2 days.


                I really like some of the McAfee features but I guess my next step is to uninstall McAfee and not reinstall.  If that fixes my issue then I'll have to find another security software.  Any suggestions there?

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                  Peter M

                  Well then the last line in my post above would be you best step now.....they can troubleshoot what's causing it.

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                    Ex_Brit wrote:


                    Well then the last line in my post above would be you best step now.....they can troubleshoot what's causing it.

                    I have talked with two techs but  they were not able to help. 


                    If I do find a solution I'll post here.

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                      Peter M

                      Oh, well you know you can always ask them to escalate the issue to a higher level.

                      Anyway, good luck.

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                        Also post your SR job number from the calls for reference if A higher level tech sees this thread.


                        The 2 days on threw me I never trust my PC running when I am out but I will try to monitor my wife's PC memory usage over 15 hrs. She has 8Gb abd win 7 64bit as well as version 12.8. I assume yours is version 12.8 as well.

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                          SR # 1480084320


                          I think my version is 6.1 (build 7601).   I bought this computer in Sept. 2011 and  have made no hardware changes.

                          I know just enough about computers to push a few help buttons and maybe chage out a  hard drive or card if I have to.


                          Someone told me if I just let my computer go in to sleep mode vs turning it off I would get a longer life out of it.  So I only turn it off if I know I'm going to off line for more than a day.  I try to keep drivers and updates current and have been using McAfee since the computer was new.  My current issue is my first problem.

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