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    Account Sync with AD

    John Chapman

      Hello everyone, or no one...

      brand new to the forums and pretty new to EPO in general, so please excuse any rules i break...


      I am almost finished with my safeboot to EEPC upgrades on roughly 125 machines in our network.

      (epo v. 4.6.6 - EEPC


      i am trying to understand how the pre boot sign on account passwords are "synced", in the older version 5.x something we had a tool to run the AD sync with.


      when we moved/transfered the old 5x stuff to upload into the EEPC most of the users passwords were out of sync. so i'm wondering how this process works, for example...

      the user setup per machine is the specific user and then a handfull of admins that have access to everyones machine.

      so if admin-john updates his full time laptop with his password every 90 days, how will this new password sync up with user-steve's machine that admin-john may have not logged into recently or at all.


      hope that makes sense,


      any input at this point is helpful, thanks!



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          luckily, it works exactly the same way - password sync has always been done on the client itself, during login or password change.


          the tool you used to run (the AD Connector) just created the accounts, password sync has always been local to the machine.

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            John Chapman

            sorry,  still a little confused, maybe didn't explain it right.


            i have an admin account that's only used to administer other's machines.

            we will call it the PC admin account.

            as well as i have a local admin account for my workstation.


            i've changed my PC admin (domain account) through the change password option in the active directory console.

            i need to have that password pushed out to all the workstations, so when i get a call to assist i can goto a pc that i may have not touched in weeks/months and use my current PW that matches the windows account.


            hope i'm explaining this right,