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    False Artemis!D25E94C2D378




      Another one of our applications is incorrectly identified as the malicious Trojan Artemis!D25E94C2D378. I don't have the engine specifics or logs since the detections are only surfacing via VirusTotal. I’m not getting a comparable match when verifying with McAfee Total Protection but the getsup tool is flagging the file as suspicious too. The same flag is also surfacing with McAfee Gateway Web.


      I've included a copy of the details from the gusup.exe submission. For privacy I've removed the machine name.


      Some details about the application: The product is installed with the user’s full consent. At the time of install, the software is clearly disclosed as ad-supported. The product does not collect, share or sell any personally identifying information. Furthermore, the product provides a standard method to easily uninstall via the Windows Add/Remove program.


      Please help in getting the flag removed and white-list the application to prevent this issue from reoccurring. Another one of our builds is being impacted but with a different signature. I’ll submit that in a separate thread.

      Let me know if further details are required or if I canmerge requests into a single thread even if the detections vary.


      E-mail Submission Synopsis


              SR Number               Creation Date                WorkItem ID        Machine Name           

             =========              ==============              ===========        ===========            

              None specified          5/1/2014 2:58:42 PM          1330036            REMOVED              


      | File Name         | MD5                             | Findings                       |Detection          | Type    |

      +--------------------+----------------------------------+----------------------- ---------+--------------------+---------+

      | setup_84701-us.ex_ | d25e94c2d37845e3f8c95d4b5a1df2de |beta_heuristic_virus_detection | beav-new malware.x | Unknown |




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