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    Renewal process is not acceptable!


      I bought McAfee software in 2007 and haven't used it since 2008 - it hasn't event been on my computer. I just noticed a charge on my credit card from McAfee for 2015. Turns out I have paid every year since 2007 for something I did not use.


      The renewal process should:


      be opt-in not opt-out, and

      be subject to annual renewal notification/warning, with opportunity to get out at that time

      not charge for the next year weeks ahead of time



      Customer service was not helpful at all. When I asked to be transferred to a manager the call was dropped.


      I feel scammed.


      Clearly this is an ongoing problem, just Google McAfee renewal policy or McAfee renewal scam. They've even been sued.


      I'm not letting this go. People need to be warned, and I'm the guy to do it.

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          Since 2007 and you've just noticed?  I know how you feel as I've been dinged unexpectedly in the past by other organizations, but always check your credit card statements carefully.  Also always read the fine print when you pay for something.


          The EULA you agreed to when you first signed on points out that renewal is automatic unless you go into your account and turn it off.  (Section 13 paras 3 and 4).


          That said, Customer Service will turn renewal off for you if you call them at 1-866-622-3911  between 6am - 6pm Pacific Time.


          They will also refund charges but only within (I believe) 60 days of the billing date.


          BTW if you substitute just about any brand that has a subscription servce into Google you'll find it's a common complaint.


          I'm inclined to agree with you that it should be off unless you specify, rather than on.  But consumer law allows it.






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            Hiding a financial commitment in Section 13 of the EULA is not exactly transparent marketing, and the fact that other companies do this is no excuse. Yes, everyone should look at their CC statements, but it shouldn't come to that. I would argue that McAfee's practices are designed to maximize renewal at the expense of the customer's actual needs. I'm not alone on this either.


            The law may allow opt-out, but an ethical company would make the process far more transparent.


            Garbage marketing.

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              Well our Government perhaps should enact such legislation.  I would be all for it.


              Note I'm only a volunteer here.