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    Agent install on Windows server


      Hi, I am looking to install McAfee antivirus agent on our servers so I am looking for any best practices for server installs.  I would also like to ensure it's optimized so it does not impact performance and I believe I would like to not install the add-ons like site advisor.  I believe by default our agent will install everything as it does with our desktops and I don't see a way to tell it to customize the install.


      Any thoughts

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          huh haha the agent deployment is seperate from the managed products.


          Disable the product deployments prior to deploying the agent.


          Ensure the ports used by the epo agent are not being used by other services if they are change them on the ePO server.

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            Hi, this is not just about deployment.  I want to deploy an agent to a server but on the server side I want to ensure I customize it so it is not getting unnecessary components they I may use on a desktop install.  I really don't think for example that the server needs site advisor and I need to ensure updates are not automatically deployed that may trigger reboots.  I am looking for an optimize the install and policies so the server performance is not impacted as well.




            Thanks for the feedback.

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              Put the servers in their own group and do a staged deployment of whatever products you want on the servers such as VSE or HIPS. Run a procmon or McAfee's profiler and tune the product per the results of the profiler. Also have seperate policies for the servers for those groups.