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    IP Address problem in a Installation Network





      we have a installation network. Only in this network we deploy our Masterclient with MS SCCM. The McAfee agent is installed with SCMM, too.

      The correct way is now the client connect to the ePO server and the ePO Server installed all other products with a "Run immediately" task. It works fine when no ePO object with the same IP adress into the ePO server (old installed machine). The "old" ePO object with wrong computername etc. is present and the ePO task "Run immediately" do nothing!

      With a old ePO Version, create ePO a new ePO object and the "Run immediately" task starts. It is a correct way. The new installed client have a new agent, a new agent ID, a other MAC adress, onyl the IP adress is the same.



      Have you the same problem? Have you a solution idea?



      Thank you