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    Deleted Drivers


      Dear colleagues -


      I accidentially deleted the following two drivers for drice encryption. Unfortunatelly, the system does not boot anymore. I would be most thankful if anyone could send the drivers als message. I would copy them back on the harddisk and hope that the systems works again. The drivers can be found C:\Windows\system32\drivers 

      Thank you so much!




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          Neither of these drivers exist in the EEM managed version of EEPC, they are V6/V7 only. Also we'd need to know the exact version to be able to help you.


          But you can get them from ANY EEPC protected machine in your environment or your IT department. If your machine is encrypted you're going to need their help with a WinPE disk anyway.

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            Thank you for your explanations. I should have described more detailed. It is actually the HP Security Software making use of the drive encryption of McAfee. Unfortunately, it is the only machine which is making use of McAfee software in my environment. It is still possible to access the harddisk (after entering the password), however, Win7 does not start anymore (also no repair options, only blue screen). I hope to be able to copy the deleted drivers back to the harddisk.


            Are you aware in which free software download the driver should be included as well? Or is it possible to have them sent directly to me?


            Again, thank you very much for your help. I really do not want to reinstall the entire system.

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              IIf it's HPs product, you should really be talking to them, but without knowing what version of the driver you need it's hard to help - what versions of other McAfee files do you have?


              and once you get them, how are you going to copy them onto your encrypted drive?

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                Thanks. It is v6.

                It would be possible to copy the drivers to the harddisk. I can access the harddisk after entering the password (Ms Dos).

                Thank you for your help.

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                  You need to work with hp if you don't know the exact version - it could be one of at least 10 builds.


                  I am curious how you are accessing a ntfs drive from dos though. You are sure you are accessing your hard disk, not some recovery environment?