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    Evaluation of new McAfee Agent versions ...




      has anybody an idea, how to test new McAfee agents in a subgroup with some test nodes, that already get their current VirusScan patch versions from the evaluation branch?


      The only idea I have, is to manually re-deploy an agent from the evaluation branch, via ...


      Selecting node => Choose Actions => Choose Agent => Choose Deploy Agents


      ... and then select the agent, which is located in the evaluation branch!


      Can this be done automatically, like e.g. the way it is done with VirusScan patches?


      Any hint is greatly appreciated!




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          Yes you can create a task for that group only and send the testing version of the product that you want, on my lab I test like that


          Select the group>click on actions>click New client Task Assignment> Select McAfee Agent on Product>Task Type: Product Deployment> Create New task


          So then you select all the productos of the branch that you want after save that task you can schedule this automate the proccess

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            Hello akill,


            oh, what a fool I am! I already had a 'Product Deployment' task on that evaluation subgroup, but since I created that task before I checked-in the new McAfee Agent, I thought there is no other possibility than to re-deploy the agent again, instead of thinking about selecting the new checked-in agent in the Product Deployment task.


            Thanks for that hint




            Full evaluation takes place now!