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      Based on what I've read so far on Yontoo, it is malware. Is all malware bad? Is Yontoo bad and if so how do I get rid of it?

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          Hi alb1953,

                     Welcome to the McAfee Communities. Please try this excellent Removal Guide   -  http://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-yontoo-toolbar-uninstall-guide/

          This Pup/Malware is usually bundled with (Free) software unbeknownst to the user. Please be diiligent in making sure of the programs you choose to install.



                       You can find some of the Superb Tools listed in the Removal Guide, under the second link of my Signature. For future use, especially "Malwarebytes" (Free)


          Edited due to Software issues


          Note: If you have trouble opening the link, either type in the above URL, or  "Google"- How to remove Yontoo, and you will see this Hyperlink. I apologise for the inconveniece, but am having issues with Jive Software. I have even attempted to add (www)..Grrrr


          Good luck,










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            Peter M

            Moved to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance as an approriate spot.

            Catdaddy - something wrong with that link so here it is again HERE.   Let's hope that one works !

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              Peter M

              Nope, not sure what is wrong, it appears that the board is having difficulty resolving links.


              http://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-yontoo-toolbar-uninstall-guide/ is all it's supposed to be as you posted but for some reason it wont go there.


              Yet if I copy and paste it into my browser the page opens.


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                Thank you ex_brit. I tried and tried, to no avail. (sigh)

                I might add that I meant the (Here) in your post # 2.

                It has to be the "Board", because I sent it through a email,and opened properly.






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                  I tried that as well, but once again no luck.

                  Now I truly know what I want for "Christmas" this year !

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                    Peter M

                    This board will be upgrading in June. Hopefully it will work better.

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                      As you say, when all else fails..."There is (always) hope.


                      Hopefully, there will be no need to leave a "Glass of milk and cookie" @ Christmas.

                      I apologise for my semi-sarcasm....Calling it a day.

                      Thank you for your assistance Peter.


                      I realise all of this undertaking is no easy task...