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    WebGateway 7.4 Anti-Malware McAfee performance issue




      I actually looking for a product for replace our TMG Proxies.


      I currently testing McAfee Virtual Appliance WebGateway 7.4, Cisco WSA S100V, Bluecoat ProxySG & AV.


      One of my lab testing chapter is the performance. I check periodically (every 30s) the response time (in ms) of www.google.com webpage and an internal intranet homepage (on the same Lan) with our monitoring tool (PRTG).

      All labs proxies are installed in explicit mode with two Lan interfaces, one for internal lan incoming requests (clients proxy requests) and one on public DMZ for outgoing traffic (the default gateway). All routing to internal networks is ok.


      On MWG 7.3 (with McAfee default Anti-Malware), our intranet homepage response time is about 27ms, on Cisco: 24ms, on TMG: 21ms, on Bluecoat: 25ms, pretty the same. On MWG 7.4 with McAfee Anti-Malware: 180ms !!!

      If i change the default Mcafee AM to Avira AM, it drops to 30ms !!!


      I haven’t this behavior on 7.3, and on my other testing products, there is no changes between enable or not the Anti-Malware.

      I've install an other VM of 7.4 with all default parameter, i always have the same issue.

      VM are with 4 core on last gen HP DL380p, all the VM i'm testing are on the same ESX (the Bluecoat is a physical appliance).


      Is anyone here can confirm that the 7.4 version is very slow on malware inspection?


      Thanks for help.