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    ePO Agent Deployment Task deploys VSE?


      In my ePO System Tree I have a Production and a Test group.   I have a tag called "Testing - Workstation AV" that is manually applied that I use with a task assigned to my Test group to push out VSE. 


      Late in the day yesterday I synched my Production group with AD and brought in the majority of my workstations (all windows 7 clients).  I then selected all of the agents and did a Deploy Agent task on all of them.  About 40 agents were deployed succesfully.  Unfortunately, 9 of those 40 somehow got moved to my Test group in the System Tree and got the "Testing - Workstation AV" tag along with a few other tags that can only be manually applied assigned to them.


      Anyone have any ideas what might have happened here?  I have been working on this deployment off and on over the past month or so.  That being said it's not out of the realm of possibility that I checked something that would have caused this and completely forgot about it. I have double double checked most everything and don't expect that to be the case.


      I will be opening a case with support after I've spent some time working those users to remove their existing AV but thought I'd post here in the meantime.


      Any help is GREATLY appreciated. 


      Thanks so much!