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    Emergency Update for Adobe Flash Player-(


      Given the discussion on the current Vulnerability circulating. Especially when it relates to "Flash Player". Adobe has released an emergency Version. It is available through the Adobe Download Center. I apologise for posting in regards to (3rd) party Add-ons, however in this particular instance I felt the need to do so. It certainly couldn,t hurt, to Download immediately.



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          I forgot to remind everyone to "Uncheck" any Optional Software offered other than Adobe.

          The new Version can be obtained  HERE


          or of course through your "Vulnerability Scanner"


          I might add that this particular update deals with the (CVE-2014-0515) Advisory

          Like I stated earlier, it couldn,t hurt to immediately Download.

          Of course Hindsight being 20/20...I probably should have posted in "Breaking Security News" -or- "Security Awareness."






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