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    McAfee Updates not downloading automatically


      I have Windows Vista and downloaded McAfee Security Center from Cox Communications (IP).  This new version gives me headaches.  Every 2 hours or so, the McAfee icon has an exclamation mark telling my system is at risk.  The updates won't download automatically even though the setting calls for automatic downloads.  I have to download manually. 



      This is the screen I get.  I already reinstalled the program 3 times.  I've changed the settings from automatic to manual, and vice-versa.  I never had this problem with the previous version.  Can someone help resolve this situation?


      Thank you





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          Hi Laborraine


          Sorry to hear you are having problems with the updates.


          I need to ask if when you uninstalled the software did you use the MCPR removal tool? This completely removes any traces of McAfee that might be corrupt before attempting to reinstall the program.


          What I would like you to do is to run the MVT scan in http://service.mcafee.com/MVT.aspx?MVT=1&&lc=1033&sg=TS&pt=1 to see if there are any issues with the software itself. It will attempt to fix any it finds and will generate a report at the conclusion. Please post the number here so it can be referred to.


          The other suggestion I have is to contact Technical Support available 24/7 by telephone or chat. They can with your permission remote connect into your computer to see if there is any programs or services that might be conflicting to prevent the updates from occurring.


          I will assume your computer is up to date with all Microsoft security updates and IE is updated as well even if you do not use IE as your browser.


          Last but not least did you reboot the computer after uninstalling and reinstalling the software?


          Let us know if we need to proceed further

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            Peter M

            By the way your image is not showing.  You can't simply place an image in a post, you have to upload it using the camera symbol (click image to enlarge to see what I mean)



            When you installed your McAfee from Cox did you use the uninstall tool provided for whatever was there before?

            Also is Vista SP2 (right-click Computer and select Properties to check that) and is Internet Explorer version 9 (open IE and go to Tools/About) ?  Please check that even if you don't use IE, McAfee does.

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              I am having the same issue. I have contacted tech support two times and the problem has not been solved.

              They keep resetting the IE and  one even downloaded my McAfee all over again.

              Still same problem.

              I did find something that might explain part of it but not sure and would like input by someone that knows what they are doing.
              My McAfee in the navigation area under security history shows an IP being blocked over and over again.
              Has McAfee blocked their own updates?


              Please get help to us...

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                Can you post the SR job numbers of your calls please.  I will ping a tech to visit after you have done so.


                Also post teh ip address that worries you  These IP blocking happen often and regularly but I will check whose IP it is.

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                  Tony, I am not sure what you mean by job numbers of my calls.


                  I have contacted McAfee to see if someone else can help expedite my problem.

                  Here is what it says on the IP address


                  Suspicious incoming network connection blocked

                  Source IP address:  McAfee

                  The PC tried to connect to TCP port 50973 on your pc without your permission.


                  The IP addresses continue to be the same but the ports are different.

                  I do not know if this helps you or not.

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                    Peter M

                    Tony, being in Australia, is asleep at the moment so I can hopefully answer something.  If you contacted McAfee then they would have allocated a case number to that call, do you have a record of that?


                    Those incoming IP's being blocked is merely a record of what your firewall is preventing.   It's good news, not bad.   It's just there for your information.


                    However that IP belongs to McAfee so is not harmful anyway - have you set McAfee Firewall to anything other than default settings?  Or maybe using some other IP blocker in your browser perhaps?


                    Can you open McAfee SecurityCenter and post the version of SecurityCenter, Antivirus/VirusScan and Personal Firewall please?


                    (Just click the About at the bottom right.).

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                      Hi shbumpkin,

                                       Welcome to the McAfee Communities. If I may chime in briefly. I occasionally see being blocked in my "Security History" also. Which you are correct in it being McAfee. This I have learned is due to it trying to connect at different points.


                                         Having said this...When going into my "Traffic Controller", and opening the tree (Active Programs) then opening (McAfee Service Host) I see that is indeed connected and monitoring. Have you attempted to (Run in Command Prompt) type in:  ping (space) download.mcafee.com  (Enter) and see if it connects?


                                         If so, it should indicate packets received from (Akamai Technologies) or (Akamai.Net)


                                    Just a thought...You are in very capable hands with PeaceKeeper assisting you. His knowledge "Dwarfs) mine.

                                     I must add in addition, I agree fully with Ex_Brit,s comments/suggestions. For his knowledge dwarfs mine as well.

                                     I was unaware he had already replied,  he,s very quick in that aspect






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                        I still have the number for the latest contact. I deleted the first one when I thought it had been fixed.




                        I have not changed anything on my firewall.

                        With two techs working on my computer from McAfee, I am not sure what they may have done.

                        I know the first one reset my IE and also took out and updated my McAfee.


                        I just went in and reset it to default. I will see how that goes.


                        It seems to me if the firewall is blocking the IP from McAfee, that would be a problem??? As you can tell, I am not tech savvy.

                        I have never had issues with this in the many years I have had McAfee and I did not change anything in my browser setting.



                        McAfee security center

                        Version 12.8

                        last update 4/19/2014



                        McAfee Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware

                        Version 16.8

                        Last update 4/19/2014



                        McAfee Personal Firewall

                        Version 13.8

                        Last updated 4/19/2014


                        I did not know if you needed the other info or not.


                        At this very moment it is showing that it is working but  I could and have gone to a site including McAfee and immediately it comes up at risk and I cannot continue to try to update it every time I change to a different site or every time I access the internet.


                        I saw that someone else had complained onApril 14th of the same thing so was hoping that she had gotten the answer needed. But it says it is still not answered.


                        Thank you for responding.

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                          Thank you for responding.


                          I am going to wait to do anything else until I hear more on the subject.


                          I really do not understand all that you are asking me to do.

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