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    Roll Back Plan of EWS 3200 in case of Software malfunction

    wasib ahmed Khwaja



      I need to Know when Updating the EWS 3200 V 5.5 to latest 5.6,in case of malfunction how we will roll back the software.

      When Roll back previous version components does the Frimware automatically roll back.


      Kind regards

      Wasib AHmed

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          There is no rollback for the software upgrade, hence no rollback of firmware either. You may need to plan your upgrade in a phased manner to ensure any risk of outage is minimised.


          The option is to have an image of the 5.5 software available if you need to roll back, you will need to ensure you have a copy of the configuration prior to running the upgrade which you can use to restore the appliance if necessary. If you can, move production traffic to a different appliance and ensure the appliance you are upgrading has sent all mails from its queue, or that any emails remaining there can be ignored.


          Can I also suggest that if you are not using the web scanning features that you look into migrating to MEG 7 instead of EWS, as it has more features with regard to e-mail processing.


          Hope this helps.

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            wasib ahmed Khwaja

            Thanks Marcelo,


            It helps a lot secondly one more Question we are running EWS v5.5  3200 appliance.


            we are Updating Appliance to version 5.6 which is latest. Please note the appliance is running inproduction and we want to upgrade the appliance software with minimum down timeand without NDR during updating.

            Also share us how much time is required to updateappliance software.


            Secondly before proceeding we will take back of configuration settings and what other settings we take backup of EWS.

            And when starting the upgrade which best option selected.

            Full upgrade mode

            Upgrade preserving network configuration only

            Upgrade preserving configuration only


            i am following this KB71956.


            Secondly do we need incremental update as we are moving from 5.5 to 5.6 beside any procedure or steps you know best practices.


            Thanks and Stay Blessed



            Wasib Ahmed