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    Starting to pull my hair out!! - VPN

    Steve Chmiewliski

      Hello All


      Ok been trying to get something fairly simple working..


      Remote user logging in froma remote location (home, hotel etc). Using Juniper Network Connect client.

      I have the rules set like this


      Allow loopback- (Allow - Either)

      Allow Mcafee signed Apps - (Allow - Either)

      Basic Networking

          Allow 802.1X Authentication - (Allow - Either)

          Allow DNS - (Allow - Out)

      Allow HTTP / HTTPS - (Allow - Out)


          Allow IPsec ESP - (Allow - Either)

          Allow IKE - (Allow - In)

          Allow GRE - (Allow - Either)

          Allow IKE Outbound - (Allow - Out)



      I have not enabled IPS or NIPS. I can start the juniper client and the web interface starts to enter the credentials. I enter the credentials and the connection starts but times out. If I disable the firewall I can establish the connection.

      I even tried putting the firewall into adaptive mode and learn mode to see if this would add the rules in but nothing.. also nothing showing in the logs.


      Can anyway guide me to the light please !!!