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    System Changes and “An Error Has Occurred” Starting Custom Scan


      All attempts to run any Custom scan returns the following error:


      Boot Delay Start Service.jpg

      I’m using Windows XPP with McAfee SC 12.8.944, AV 16.8.708 and VS 2.8.716. A fresh downloaded MVT reports no problems found. This is a very recent complete reinstallation using these official procedures: http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS101331


      I have another freshly built system XPP machine with all final updates applied and only McAfee (same MMI/version/features) installed. Custom scan exhibits the same “98% hang on rootkit stage” I see is well documented and being researched.


      I believe the reason for different results is because McAfee does not completely and accurately remove itself. I have already demonstrated this in another thread (don’t have print screens anymore): https://community.mcafee.com/thread/66234?tstart=0


      McMPFSvc appears to be a McAfee firewall service; God only knows what else is leftover. When I finish migrating to my newly built system I plan to test the difference between a virgin system preinstall and after McAfee removal, then post the results. Of course this will not reveal obsolete and/or broken leftovers from many years of using McAfee. 


      Some may question, “Why should this be investigated and remediate”? I believe it is important because McAfee customers may experience this same error and/or further impact even after carefully following the official removal procedures. Some may move on to a different product or use none at all, but McAfee’s leftover changes will remain…however that may or may not affect their system.


      Only a clean system and registry without McAfee ever being previously installed (which normally entails rebuild or restore) can guarantee consistent results at this point.


      All of this and more indicates a clear lack of best practice development structure. As an assumed trusted and responsible company, McAfee must insure any and all changes made to the customer’s system (including the registry) is completely restored using their official removal process, even obsolete leftovers from years of use. This is the kind of behavior bad software often exhibits.


      No, I’m not going to open another SR; it’s just plain common sense. If McAfee doesn’t know what they have changed in the past and are changing now, picking through my machine isn’t going to help the situation. I’m in the process of curing my old McAfee changes by migrating to a clean build; its present and future I’m concerned about now.

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