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    Leave Malwarebytes installed,or not?


      As I normally do, I rely on my Automatic Updates for my Daily Engine Versions,Anti-Spam Content,or incremental updated (Builds) of features. With the 13.x.xxx Beta Version expected to be throttled out for release,in the near future. Is it safe to say,I can leave Malwarebytes installed or simply put, will it interfere with my Automatic Upgrade?


      I realise when doing a "Manual" Uninstall/Reinstall, one has the choice to skip removal. However, am uncertain what may occur leaving it to install Automatically? I basically only have it installed periodically, and eventually uninstall it myself. For each and everytime I have ran a scan with it, it comes back "Clean.


      I have kept this last New Version 2.0 installed, other than my Site Advisor Live Add-on,and Adobe Flash Player, these are the only ones I have on my machine. As always, I can be a bit "Long Winded". Just need to know if it matters if I leave it on my machine?


      Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.



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