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    SSO and Admin Password Reset




      I am looking for solution for weird issue (i think that this is issue)


      I have ePO 5.0.1 and EEPC 7.0.2.

      I turned on the SSO funcionality.

      I need to check all possible scenarios with this and i find that when i use Admin Password Recovery (Password reset) i need to type password to windows.

      I is really weird, cuz when i use SSO i have only one password, ad when the user forgot it i need to do password reset.

      So why i have to type password for windows when i forgot it????


      Thx for help.

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          Because resetting the pre-boot password also resets the stored windows credentials. Since you've forgotten the (preboot+windows) password this makes perfect sense - if EEPC remembered your (forgotten) windows password, how would you know what it is when it came time to change it?

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            Thank you for expaination, but it don't have sense for me.


            User can forgot his passowrd. I SSO use one credential there is no way to login to windows in offline mode.

            I know that when user is online it should not be a problem, because I can reset password in EEPC and AD, but when user is offline there is a problem because, he cannot correctly login to Windows.


            As i remember when i first time test SSO functionality with 7.0 and ePO 5.0 i could do password reset without windows login prompt.


            Is there any other way to set this??


            I think hat this is really big problem to use SSO while this situation exist.

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              You need to use whatever method you used to reset offline Windows passwords prior to installing EEPC.