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    Simultaneous Log On Restriction - CASE SENSITIVE USERS ISSUE




      Is anybody aware of this issue that happen with the simultaneous Log On Policy Restriction if you put an upper case user name instead of a lower case?


      Basically this policy does not work if I put a lower case user name and on another machine I use the same User name BUT UPPER case.


      Any help would be highly appreciated.


      Best Regards



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          I don't have your rules or know exactly what your policy is, but I did a quick test of how to conver ToUpper in an event.


          You'll have to find how to best implement in your policy.


          I just took a string and converted it with these events.


          Name: UserName.ToUpper

          Rule Criteria: Always

          Action: Continue


          Set Authentication.UserName = String.ReplaceAllMatches (Authentication.UserName, regex((.*)), "\U\1")



          When I rule traced them, i saw positive results.


          Authentication.UserName  EELSASSER

            String.ReplaceAllMatches(Authentication.UserName, regex((.*)), "\U\1")  EELSASSER

              Authentication.UserName  EeLsAsSeR


          You can probably do something similar with your policy.


          You can also put in \L for lower case instead.