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    USB Custom Scan Errors


      McAfee Custom scans of all my USB storage devices return the following error:


      Boot Delay Start Service.jpg


      I’m using Windows XPP with McAfee SC 12.8.944, AV 16.8.708 and VS 2.8.716.


      McAfee notifies me and offers scan of USB sticks, but does not at all with large WD FreeAgent (1.5 TB) USB external drive. I can open Windows Explorer and scan the root down with McAfee successfully in all cases.


      Navigation using Windows Explorer for all is fast and normal deep into directories. Windows disk check of large external drive is clean, but once I force McAfee to scan any of it (using Windows Explorer) cannot release (Safety Remove Hardware). Release is normal for USB sticks.

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          Expanding scope of topic, Custom scan does not appear to work at all. It failed for my system HD too.

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            What vexes me, I used Custom scan from my newly rebuilt system HD to scan this system HD I’m temporarily using now preparing for migration…WTF? Both have the same McAfee versions. McAfee reported no problems scanning but I checked Quarantined items anyway, nothing there.


            Cracking the case and moving cables around is the pits, especially while I’m busy with migration.

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              I’m so frustrated I nearly forgot protocol: just ran a fresh downloaded MVT, no problems found.

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                Best open a new case with Technical Support, free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                  Moved to VirusScan as that is the product being used.

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                    I can report Custom scan is FUBAR on both of my system disks. The newly built clean system drive does not give the error message, but locks forever at 98% saying its scanning rootkit on both USB sticks and the HD (I didn’t think it scan enough files on this drive before). I can’t cancel it, but Windows graceful shutdown does work. Sometimes it scans another target than the one I set; I’d rather have the error message upfront.


                    I don’t have the time now, but another SR will be coming soon. It might be a good idea to reexamine SC 12.8.944 before pushing it out.

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                      The 98% hang (when it reaches the scanning for rootkits stage) issue is known and they are working on it.  They may need more logs if you are willing to contact Technical Support.

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                        Hi moldyjacket,


                        1) I have came across this in Support where Custom Scan alone fails from the User Interface. However the workaround is so simple that you can right click the Flash Drive (Explorer) and select Scan from the context menu. If that fails then we need to have the details of Flash Drives's File System, Fragments , Fix errors if any. (Will go in deep later)


                        2) Regarding the External HD - I have something interesting. In Windows latest Ext HDD will no longer be shown in the Removable Devices instead present in System drive directory as an additional Partition. McAfee's Quick Scan will scan this for System files and if none found it will skip scanning ext HDD and goto C drive. However when a Full Scan is Initiated it will scan all the partitions including ext HDD.


                        Please check if workaround in step 1) works for you and post back..!

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                          Thanks for responding Selvan. :-)


                          Yes, I’ve always preferred to use Windows Explorer context for quick scans of files and small directories and have been doing so as mentioned in my OP. But this is not an option for high volume scans such as a full 1.5TB drive; it’s slower and would blow my userenv completely out of the water! Even scanning just a small directory within locks my registry until reboot, which is why I can’t gracefully disconnect (Safely Remove Hardware).  


                          Never heard of #2, my external 1.5TB drive has always connected as an E: drive or next available under XP.


                          I can’t edit the OP of this thread, so I’ll open a new thread that defines another issue and scope better now that I have more experience with it.

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