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    MEG 7.5 opt partion grows up to 84%




      today our monitoring shows the opt partion from 1 of our 2 MEG is used with 84%. The 2th MEG looks ok.

      I searched for the reason and found a difference at the "/opt/NETAwss/avengine/dat.d/"

      Gateway 1 has an old pattern file "2014-04-14_00:12:38CEST"



      [xxxx@xxxxxGW01 NETAwss]$ du -h /opt/NETAwss/avengine/dat.d/

      302M    /opt/NETAwss/avengine/dat.d/2014-04-14_00:12:38CEST

      309M    /opt/NETAwss/avengine/dat.d/2014-04-21_00:12:40CEST

      309M    /opt/NETAwss/avengine/dat.d/2014-04-22_00:12:37CEST

      919M    /opt/NETAwss/avengine/dat.d/



      [xxxx@xxxxxGW02 ~]$ du -h /opt/NETAwss/avengine/dat.d/

      309M    /opt/NETAwss/avengine/dat.d/2014-04-22_00:13:39CEST

      309M    /opt/NETAwss/avengine/dat.d/2014-04-21_00:13:36CEST

      617M    /opt/NETAwss/avengine/dat.d/


      Maybe there was someting wrong with the update at this day.

      My question is. How can I clean this old pattern file safely?