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    Anybody know how to allow exceptions at client


      We are using epo 4.6.7 and we have VSE 8.8 patch 4 installed on our servers.  In some cases, we want to allow the local server administrator to be able to turn off a specific option, or add an additional file exclusion, but we would like to be able to specify which exclusions must be present via the epo server.  For example, on the epo server, we have an exclusion for file C:\ABC\def.exe.  We want all the servers to get that file exclusion, but then, we have some servers where we want to be able to add (from the local server), an additional exclusion, so for file C:\GHI\JK.exe.   Every time a policy enforcement runs, the local exclusion C:\GHI\JK.exe gets removed because it is not in the server policy.  Is there any option we can set for VSE to retain existing client side exclusions?