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    McAfee Secure Webmail: Forward and Reply


      Hi All


      We have recently installed Email Gateway to replace a similar product from a different vendor. With the previous product, senders were able to send a secure email by simply including a special phrase in the subject line of the email. The previous product also ensured that once an email was sent securely, it would stay secure, i.e. if the recipient forwarded or replied to this message, it would always be encrypted and the new recipients would then also have to log into the gateway appliance to retrieve the secure message.


      With email gateway it is easy to configure to send secure messages via Secure Webmail, but is it possible to ensure that the message is not sent as plaintext / html once it leaves the original recipients outbox?


      Many thanks

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          Ok, I might have answered this question myself. It looks like it was simply a case of configuring a McAfee Secure Web Mail policy to look for the same phrase in the subject line and encrypt and replies or forwarded messages. Whoever receives the messages will then also recive an actication email as well.


          Can anyone confirm however that this is the best way to do this?


          Many thanks

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            when someone sends an email from your organization , and it gets encrypted by secure mail. Its good.


            But when the recipient replies back to the original sender of your organization and it also gets encrypted for internal user, i think this is not good. but it depends on the requirement of your organization.


            I think above statement wil help you.


            Now here is my question , i dont need to encrypt the reply of the same email from secure webmail to my organization internal user (Original sender).


            Can anybody help me here. As i have to fix this issue .


            I did it before , but now i forget the way that how i did that,



            Thanks in advance

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              Unfortunately keeping the original email encrypted is a requirement, and I can understand why they want this. It is no use sending the fist email encrypted to keep it confidential, but then allowing the recipient to forward it on only to disclose the information in the email.


              With regards to your question, I am not entirely sure what you mean. From what I have experienced, sending an email via Secure Webmail only encrypts the original email. If you reply it is no longer encrypted.



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                Let me explain you my question.


                abc@xyz.com is my email address.


                123@abc.com is external email address.


                When abc@xyz.com sends some confidential information to 123@abc.com , that email should be encrypted.


                Now there is an option in secure mail user account settings to enable the external recipients to reply the email received from *@xyz.com .


                Now when 123@abc.com reply to the secure mail from browser, where he opens and reads the email, that email also going encrypted to abc@xyz.com .


                which i dont want to do like this.


                Means i need a plain text reply of that email. means no need to encrypt the same email again.



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                  What version are of Email Gateway are you using? I am using 7.5 and have tested the scenario you describe above. If my outbound policy states to encrypt certain emails with Secure Webmail, and I enable reply, it does not automatically encrypt the reply. I have test this with both Push and Pull methods. I had to edit the Secure Webmail Default policy to tell it to encrypt anything with a certain phrase in the subject line. Only then did it encrypt replies and forwards.


                  Are you encrypting based on a certain phrase in the subject line? Are you doing this on outbound emails only or inbound as well?

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                    thanks for your reply.


                    I am using MEG 7.0 patch 4


                    Actually am encrypting all the emails containing confidential information which goes out from my organization. But dont want to encrypt the reply of that email to the original sender of my organization.


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                      In the email policies page under "Select a protocol" select "McAfee Secure Web Mail" from the dropdown.  The Secure Web Mail policy only applies to emails created using the swd webmail client so check if it is using the same settings to trigger secure web delivery.