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    Google Analystics


      We've had a terrible time getting google analytics to work properly.  We are running MWG 7.3.


      When a user goes to https://www.google.com/analytics and signs in, it litterally takes 2 minutes for the site to load in the browser.  Working with support we were able to determine that the problem is the follow URL which is loading a large javascript file:https://ssl.gstatic.com/analytics/20140416/web/analytics.js.  The progress page was being triggered (I understand why - it is a large file - but I also do not understand why there isn't some built in mechanism to prevent this from happening) so we implemented a bypass.


      Now today, the users are complaining again.  We find out it is now a Gateway AntiMalware issue - long scan times causing the 2 minute delay.  So we create a bypass.


      All I can say is UGH.  How is it a site like this isn't causing problems for everyone else (if it is, no one is coming here to discuss) and why isn't that triggering events in McAfee to provide proactive solutions to these common sites.