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    system.wakeupAgent() web api call hanging


      Hi All,


      Periodically my use of system.wakupAgent() hangs.    It doesn't return a failure, so the rest of my python program does not complete, preventing emails from going out and files from updatting.  If we restart the services, the wakeup calls begin to work again for a few days.   Then they begin to hang again.   All other calls  (system.applyTag(). system.find(), core.executeQuery()) have been performing without an issue.


      Any idea where we might look to solve the problem?


      Also, is there a way to get even a faiure back from the wakeupAgent call to allow the python program to continue  working?


      I did see a post a couple of weeks ago for a similar problem, but I didn't see a response.   Sorry if I missed it.