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    Help with Police Trojan


      Sorry, I'm new to this forum, so you may have discussed this already, but I have tried several options to remove the Police Ransomware from my machine, I have tried a Kaspersky Rescue disk, but this would not be picked up by PC, Microsoft memory stick,  which also failed. The closest I go was with HitmanPro on a memory stick, but this fell over as there was no internet connection.


      The bigest stumbling block seems to be everyone says just go to safe mode with command prompt, but on the version that has effected my PC you do not get a command prompt, it just scrolls through  lines of text and then reboots and you are back to square one, quite fustrating.


      IMG_0389[1].JPG    then  IMG_0390[1].JPG

      Does anyone have any ideas about how to remove this from the PC

      Many Thanks for any suggestions.