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    Enable HTTP/HTTPS through CLI

    Haaris Faizan

      I m using webgateway controlled release 7.4.0 & i know i can enable http/https through webgateway GUI(can be seen in attached screenshot) but i want to know is there any way through which we can enable/disable it through CLI....



      Bcoz it will b helpful if i have disable http through GUI but in future i m not able to access webgateway interface through https ,there i can use Command line interface to solve the problem


      Plz  let m know if u have any queriesProxy.jpg

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          Within the MWG configuration storage you find this setting in




          The settings are called








          You can use the "current" command to get to the most recent active configuration to check yourself. I really recommend to not touch any of these files unless you are in the situation that you have to recover the UI.