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    Ammyy connection not establishing


      Hi All,


      i am not able to connect Ammyy Admin connection establish through McaFee email and web security While connecting ammyy getting this error does any body know the reason from this place we need to allow any category but unable to understand in which category it is failing.

      McAfee GTI web reputation and categorization: SiteAdvisor: Enabled, Categories: (Deny: 39, Allow: 65, Monitor access: 1), Categorized: 29

      Timed setting:


      Errorr:--from Ammyy

      20140312-16:05:09.805 00000AF4 - ERROR: ERROR 10060: failed to establish connection

      20140312-16:05:22.818 000003A0 - ERROR: CHttpClient::ExecuteRequest() failed: ERROR 10060 while receiving data


      pls help if know any solution for this.