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    How to "really" remove Jotzey :@ :(


      Hello everyone!

      This is my first post and I hope to make new connection within the secturity world for a better securate place to be in within computer saftey!


      I have an issue regularing a spyware called "Jotzey"......


      I have tried to unstall it via start button on win7 with the controlpanel and uninstall software from windows. I am using mcafee total protector but even if i unstalled it from control panel its still on my windows directory and also mcafee cant detect it! What should i do????


      which from from mcafee should erase this bug i have on my computer...???


      thank you kindly for your help!



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          Peter M

          I moved this to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance.


          Jotzey is adware, not really malicious but almost so, therefore antiviruses tend to ignore it.  It's a lesson on being extremely careful downloading and/or file-sharing as this sort of thing often arrives as an "option" with something else.


          There's an excellent removal guide here:  http://malwaretips.com/blogs/jotzey-virus-removal/


          You'll see that it mentions further down Adwcleaner and Malwarebytes Free I suggest using those tools.


          They are also linked in the last link in my signature below.  BTW to keep Malwarebytes free of charge do NOT accept the free trial.


          Also please make sure that your operating system is totally up to date i.e. Windows 7 SP1 and IE11 (even if you don't use it, some applications, including McAfee do)

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            Like I have always said..."Man you are Quick" !!!!

            I was just about to insert the same link (Malewaretips.Com)


            All the best,

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              I thank you kindly!

              I recently have been found of technology. I look forward in future time to help mcafee in becoming better in their services! I thank you kindly for your answeres. I will post again if I run into issues...


              Oh one more thing "Peter", This type of file should be handled as dangerous file since it cant be removed by manual deleting nor mcafee total protection can remove. I think this file removed for public safety by Moderator has more into plan then just be nice to world and provide route for stuff I could write matematical equations in unlimited pages! so in summary i am not going into detail and I am keep my mouth shut until i graduate from university this summer,  since I dont even have time to gain more problem from outside world.


              (the digits +@+*** should be exluded from name (security reason) since it can never be traced from anyone outside mcafee community)


              Your sincerely (Peter and also catdaddy)



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                Peter M

                OK there's nothing we can do about what is detected and what is not.  The labs deal with all that.


                If it's a website that should be classified as dangerous then it should be reported through SiteAdvisor.


                If it's a download that perhaps should be considered dangerous then submit it to the labs directly. http://www.mcafee.com/us/threat-center/resources/how-to-submit-sample.aspx


                Never post anything that may be dangerous on a website.