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    Problems with email digest - Lotus Notes




      We are using MEG 7.5.2 and Lotus Notes client 8.5.x and 9.5.x


      We have a few users complaining they can't release, delete or request trapped messages from the email digest


      We are using On-Box quarantine instead of MQM


        The problem here is that once email digest is sent to some end users and they select any action like "release", "delete" etc and click on apply, it opens the web browser but with the error: Page can't be displayed (IE) or Server Not found (Firefox)



      One example of user having this problem is dean_johnson@mydomain.org :

      Once he clicks on Apply, browser is redirected to:

      http://~web1934.htm/?recipient=___3cdean_5fjohnson_40wvi_2eorg_3e&lang=en_US&enc oding=UTF-8&75303=n%3A___3cdean_5fjohnson_40mydomain_2eorg_3e

      and IE gives the page can't disply error.


      His configuration is:

      - IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.2 FP1 - Notes is set to use OS browser (File => Preferences => Web browser)

      - IE 8

      - Win 7 32-bit

      - he also have McAfee Viruscan Enterprise at OS level

      - Even if I set his OS browser to Firefox 3.6.8 it gives the same error



      It is weird because if I access the same email digest, this time using my own machine (Notes 9.0.1, Win 7 64-bit, IE 9) it opens the correct URL (Note teh https://mailb.wvi.org...)

      https://myserver.wvi.org:10443/admin/cgi-bin/digest/spam?recipient=___3cdean_5fj ohnson_40mydomain_2eorg_3e&lang=en_US&encoding=UTF-8&55595=d%3A___3cdean_5fjohns on_40mydomain_2eorg_3e



      Below is also my Quarantine Email Digest options