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    rootkit scan


      Hi, so the thing is, recently whenever i do quick scans on my laptop, it usually progresses quite smoothly until it starts scanning for rootkits. Whenever the scan reaches 98%, it would keep scanning for rootkits for around 20mins or more. Is it just that it takes a long time to scan for it or is it just my laptop's problem?

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          Good Morning hi2you,

                               Welcome to the McAfee Communities. This particular subject is being discussed in another thread as well. There are several individuals whom have experienced this also, yet different scenarios. Our Forum Tech is having a  Look into it as well.


                                 Did your scan complete after the (20) minute hesitation?


                                 The reason I ask is , when running a (Full) Manual Scan....My system will hesitate for about (4) minutes, after reaching (99%) then complete the scanning of remaining files, and finish.


          Just wanted you to know that you weren,t alone.

          My system is functioning just fine, is yours may I ask?



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            Moved to the VirusScan area as a more apt spot for it.


            We are testing this 'hang' at the 98% scanning:rootkit stage, with varying results.   On my various OS's it takes anything from 2 to 6 minutes to reach 98% and then another 4 to 8 minutes to finish.

            But it does most definately appear to hang at that rootkit scanning stage which I suppose would alarm many.


            It does NOT mean it's found something.


            As Catdaddy says, we are aware of it and are on to McAfee regarding it.

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              My system has also been functioning fine, but during scans it tend to also be a little laggy. On top of that, the quick scan for rootkits has been taking around 15 to 20 mins (98%), while from 0 to 98%, it will only take about 5 mins. I find this to be extremely worrying.

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                McAfee are well aware of this 'hanging' and you have no need to worry about it.   It will be fixed.

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                  Hi Peter,


                  Thank you for your reassuring explanation re. rootkit, this is REALLY helpful.


                  I've had exactly the same problem as many other members describe here, i.e. 'scanning: rootkit' message showing and the scan hanging for ever at 98%. Scan reports show 'no threats'.  The annoying thing is that when I contacted McAfee technical support via LiveChat yesterday and explained the issue, all I got was 'we can get into your computer remotely and remove it, for  a £129.99 fee'  (if I remember the price correctly) . There was no attempt of explaining that the antivirus is scanning for rootkits, rather than it has found them. I was left believing that I have a serious problem with my laptop, didn't want to pay extra on top of my licence fee, so ended up rebooting my machine from a recovery USB to get rid of what I thought was an infection... really annoying.


                  I think it was quite wrong of the person with who I had a LiveChat with not to explain that I did not have a rootkit and just jump at a chance of making a sale. Very disappointed with that experience, not sure I will trust the on-line technicians again...


                  Thank you again and kind regards

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                    If you can give me a case ID # for that I will pass it on to make sure that support person is corrected on that point.


                    Meanwhile the hanging issue has been fixed but it may take time to reach everyone.

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                      Hi notech,


                      Please post here the Service Request number that you received from Technician so that I can look into this. You should have the Service Request number to your Email address as well.

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                        Hi Peter,


                        Thank you for your reply. I wasn't given the case ID, the Technician took my contact number and email to create the ID, but did not tell me what it was and I did not receive an email either.  What I do have, though, is a Word document with a few screenshots from my laptop, showing the key bits of my online chat and  the name of the Technician. Would that be of any use? If yes, how do I paste or attach a document here?


                        Kind regards

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