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    updating & real time scanner problem


      I brought mcafee 2014 total protection to upgrade 2013 It start great now. it updating alot and it cut off and on real time scanner . I need help!

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          Now it updating alot and cutoff and on reat time scanner

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            Hi oni185,

                       Welcome to the McAfee Communities. To try and assist you, may I kindly ask you a few pertinent questions?  When you say you purchased the "2014 Version" ,had your prior version expired ? In addition, did you follow the proper procedures of uninstalling from your "Control Panel"/ restart? Then utilize the latest MCPR Tool ( Which can be found at the top of the page under "Useful Links"/ Restart afterwards as well. Upon a prompt indicating "Clean-up Successful"


                         You may want to run the McAfee Pre-install Tool as well now, before going to your account to Download and install your "New Version"


                      When you go to your Account, is your (Prior Subscription) still showing?

                      Did you purchase from McAfee directly, or from a Vendor?


            If you feel that you may benefit from contacting McAfee support, I am confident that they cann assist you in your installation issues. I am experiencing difficulty presently with the board, so it is difficult for me to insert necessary links.


            Here is the McAfee Pre-Install tool to use after MCPR, before installing MTP:http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/McPreInstall.e xe


                        Hope fully one of the Moderators will pickup on this thread and add to the discussion. A link to support is under "Useful Links as well.




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              Peter M

              Yes I would concur with removing the old software, running the MCPR cleanup, rebooting and then installing the new software.   Also you should know that Technical Support is free of charge by phone or online chat and available also through Useful Links at the top of this page should you need help.

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                To further assist you in your Uninstallation/Installation follow the guidelines listed here:



                Please post back your results,in case you need further assistance.




                I would like to add, "Thank you Ex_Brit" for coming to my Aid. I,ll get my issues with the board resolved tomorrow, hopefully.


                All the best


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