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    help i have a error code


      hi all

      i have resently gotten an error code C:/programfiles/commonfiles/mcafee/platform/mcrtmui.dll about McPlatformSingleExeFramework:McUICnt.exe - Bad Image

      does any one no what this meas and how do i fix it 

      regards Aaron

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          Peter M

          You are posting in the area for help with community matters.  Can you tell me what the product name is and I can then move it to the appropriate section?    Thanks.

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            "McUICnt.exe - Bad Image" implies that you may have a faulty or corrupted file in your McAfee installation - MCUICnt(.exe) is the Security Center interface.


            The "bad image" message has been reported in many PC help forums (and for many different files), and there is no single cause. Simple file corruption is the easiest to deal with, so try uninstalling and re-installing your McAfee product.


            If the message still occurs after a re-install you may have a malware infection, or a system-level problem. There are specialist forums where you may need to ask for a detailed investigation of the problem - see HERE for one example. Ex_Brit lists a number of them in a document you can find using the last link of his signature.

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              I have moved the thread from the Help section to General Discussion in Home & Home Office.

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                Peter M

                Also note that the UI relies heavily on Internet Explorer, so whether or not it's the default browser doesn't matter, make sure it's totally updated to the latest version and set to its default settings.


                I left this where it was because I wasn't sure if this was Consumer or Enterprise software being used.   Probably consumer though I agree.


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