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    Agent 4.8 working but not executing tasks


      I've recently been doing some cleanup of agents - many were 4.6.  Upgraded all to 4.8 P2 with success but have a small amount (about 100) systems that despite reinstalling the agent will not run the DAT update tasks scheduled.  They show in the logs as being scheduled but never actually run.  The only way to keep these systems updated is to come in each day and run an manual update task.  All the other 600+ systems are updating with no issues with the same task.  Any ideas?  Has anyone else seen this behavior?


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          I had similar problem yesterday. Unfortunetaly I'm not quite sure what happend that made it working.

          Few suggestions/questions:

          • Are these agents able to connect to ePo ?
          • Check your agent policies, what handler are they using to connect to clients (maybe that fixed my problem; changed from use last handler to use all handlers - I have only 1)
          • Do you have enough licenses ?
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            Thanks for the info!  Yes, agents are connected but just constantly "looking for events to upload" or showing a task is scheduled but then the time comes and goes and it never runs.  I thought a redeploy of the agent would solve the issue but not for all of them...Agent policies are the same across the board (not a large environment) and most are working just fine.  If I run a "manual DAT update task" it will work just fine, just doesn't seem to know to run the scheduled DAT update.

            Good point about the licenses but I think we are fine on that too.

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              licenses should have nothing to do with this.  Try deleting the master update task which should be at the my organization level and see if they get the fact that it has been deleted....you will see it in their log that it has been deleted......then recreate a brand new update task at the root and see if they get that.  see page 52 to see how to build the proper update task https://kb.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 24000/PD24875/en_US/ePO_500_best_practices_en-us.pdf

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                Great point about just deleting the task and checking the logs.  I've done that on a few of them and see the task adding but not deleting...tomorrow morning will be the true test to see if I still have clients not running the Dat task as scheduled.  More to come.


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                  So interesting that this is still occurring today...deleted the master task and no luck.  The task works for all the nodes except for a small percentage (<100).  Next steps is digging into the logs.  I noticed this morning and 2 of the endpoints that I saw yesteday in the list not updating this message "Failed to run the requested  task UPDATE - DAT Task of software EPOAGENT3000 , because it is already running"

                  Any ideas with that??

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                    Well this issue is still persisting despite making a new task and even trying to remove the agent and allow the rogue detection to install a new instance.  I'm opening a ticket with the support group today.  There's something just odd with these systems.  I can reinstall the agent every few days and they will come back to life, but I don't want to constantly be reinstalling the agent.  I'd prefer to find out the cause and fix once and for all.