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    Want to allow blocked applications remotely through McAfee SecurityCenter


      I would like through the web SecurityCenter to be able to unblock (Allow) an application that has been blocked on one of the computers that is running McAfee Saas Endpoint Protection.  I've edited the policy -> Firewall Protection -> Allow Internet Applications and chosen 'Allow' and then saved, but this never unblocks the application if it's been blocked on the remote computer.  It seems that this only becomes effective for new detections of the same application on other computer.


      Many times, TeamViewer is updated and the user doesn't choose allow because he happens not to be at his desk and it ends up being blocked.  If I can't unblock the application, I would alternatively like to disable the firewall temporarily to be able to connect to the machine remotely and then choose to allow Teamviewer.  I can't seem to find a method of disabling or uninstalling the firewall from the web McAfee SecurityCenter.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.