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    Need help on this urgently

    ismail khan

      Hi Guys,


      In my company we have bought 5 toshiba ultrabook ZT20 laptops. Its a like a laptop plus tablet.


      The problem comes here, when i instlled mcafee 8.8 and after that mcafee encryption on this device.


      When i switch on this laptop and using as a tablet on the mcafee encryption screen i cant see touch keypad on the mcafee encryption screen.


      Hence i have to use the external keyboard, Kindly plz plz plz any expoert plz advice me on this. How can i enable touch key pad on the mcafee encryption screen.




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          Please post in the Buisiness forum in the encryption group appropriate to the version of eepc you are using. Someone there will be pleased to help you.


          But, the simple answer is, if the touch screen does not work, most likely the manufacturer didn't include drivers for it in the efi bios, alternatively you're using an old version of eepc which does not support that device.


          It depends on whether your device is uEFI/bios, and the version of eepc etc.