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    MWG Unspecific Error


      Hi all,

      I am runing MWG along with McAfee Click Protect to scan URL's launched from email. I have a question regarding a URL or any URL that is currently whitelisted, but randomly displays an error when the URL is clicked from the email.  The URL works great and renders without an issue if selecting the URL copy/paste into a browser.  If the URL or any URL is clicked  from an email McAfee Click Protect will start its process and usually renders the webpage within a few seconds or so.  However, in some cases associates may receive an error indicating "Unspecific Error" along with a string referencing "http://cp.mcafee.com/mwg-internal/de5fs23hu73ds/prgress?id=pXs++D3pZz" along with an error message "(20100) the connection downloading the file was terminated."


      If a URL is Whitelisted why would an error appear that has the look of a McAfee Web Gateway error?


      Where is the mwg-internal coming from in the error?


      This appears to be an issue with McAFee Click Protect and not MWG, but that is what I am trying to understand a bit better.


      Any information what be helpful.




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          Jon Scholten

          Hi Peter,


          I'll reach out to those who support click protect as I believe this may just be a conflict between the two systems.


          Click protect is sending a URL with a unique path (/mwg-internal/de5fs23hu73ds), your on-premise MWG is recognizing that as something meant for it (your MWG), this results in the error.


          We will likley need to have the click protect folks, change a global variable (de5fs23hu73ds) in their systems to be unique (Fe5fs23hu73ds) path so it doesnt interfere with MWG customers.





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            Jon Scholten

            Actually, this just may be a bad link, do you have a SaaS case open at all? If not, you can open a MWG SR and I can take it over.


            To clarify further, click protect is using MWGs to perform the scanning.