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    ICMP and RDP between subnets.


      Ladies and Gents,


      I am trying to ping between two subnets. The strange part is that I am able to do this between my DMZ burb and the remote subnet but not between my internal burb and the remote subnet.


      Therefore DMZ server-------------------> DMZ interface-------Through Lan interface -------------------------> Router-----> Remote subnet.= Fine.


      Lan Sver-----------Lan interface------------>Router----------Remote Subnet = NO Ping.


      Lan interface ------------>Router -------------->Remote Subnet =  Pings fine


      Area    nil_area

      Auth_method    Passive (MLC)

      Date    2014-04-15 15:55:04 -0500

      Dest Port    3389

      Dstip    xx.25.x.x

      Event    TCP netprobe

      Facility    kernel


      Interface    1-1

      Priority    minor

      Protocol    6

      Reason    Received a TCP connection attempt destined for a service that the current policy does not support.

      Source Port    55607

      Source Zone    internal

      Srcip    x.24.x.x

      Syslog    4

      Syslog    Warnings (4)

      Type    netprobe

      User Name    Santa Claus Jr Break Dancing On ICE!!


      The only thing that stands out in this to me is that the sidewinder is not seeing a destination Zone. Which I am unsure how to assign a remote subnet with no interface connection to a specific zone.