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    "Last Update"  77 hours ago


      I've noticed that both our MWG appliances haven't updated the Anti-malware versions or the URL Filters since last Saturday (77 hours ago).


      I don't see any relevant errors on the Dashboard.


      I applied the Heartbleed patch on Friday, the day BEFORE the last update, so I don't think that has anything to do with it.


      Anyone else experiencing this?



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          it looks like you have some trouble updating the URL filter list. Can you please have a look at the update.log and see if something goes wrong there? All my lab boxes have retrieved an update a few hours ago.




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            Thanks for the reply, Andre.


            I've looked in update.log and found numerous sets of entries starting with:

            Status: License key disabled for nodes: <node number>


            These repeat during every update session.  There are 8 lines, one for each of  the following components:

            Subscribed Lists Catalog

            McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware


            McAfee Web Gateway SSO Filter

            Dynamic Content Classifier

            GTI web database

            McAfee Gateway Application Control

            McAfee Web Gateway DLP Filter


            Other than this, nothing is jumping out at me as amiss.

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              I ended up calling support. There was a problem with my license. This is odd, because my license renewal is in January and it had been working fine up until this past Saturday. This was the 2nd such case the support technician had seen.


              He had me log on to the support portal and download my license.xml file which I then imported into both our MWG appliances. After a few minutes of downloading, the systems are now up to date and the dashboard reflects this information correctly.