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    Drive Encryption v7.1 - Laptop black screen in docking station


      I am new to Drive Encryption. I have only rolled it out to a small selection of PC's. We are not currently using the PBA.

      Today two laptop users – with exactly the same make and model of laptop – Lenovo L412 ThinkPad, have stopped working in the docking station on the user’s desk.


      After the POST checks you get a message top left saying  “McAfee Drive Encryption v7.1”. After this it says “Resetting hardware…” “Resetting interrupts…”, “Disabling mouse…”, “Disabling mouse…” (again) “Starting operating system….” And boots into windows.


      If the laptop is in the docking station, before these message comes up – immediately after the POST, the screen goes black and nothing happens. If you remove the laptop from the docking station the boot up continues.


      Anyone seen this please?