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    McAfee Updates


      My McAfee shows that it's doing updates. However, it's only at 0%. When I log off the computer, I get the "1 program needs to close:" message, and it's witing for McUICnt.exe to install updates.


      Should I just force log off or will the updates eventually actually happen? Or whats up?

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          What operating system is the computer?   Type of internet connection?  How much ram?


          Did you ever have any previous security software & if so did you use the appropiate removal tool?


          Are you up to date with windows updates & any optional ones such as adobe or java?


          McAfee relies on an up to date Internet Explorer even if you use another browser like Chrome or Firefox


          Did this update problem just start to happen?


          Let us know so we can proceed further

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            Windows 7, wireless internet, but I'm on a desktop connected to the router. I've had this PC for about 4 months, and it came with McAfee, so no other previous software. I think my windows updates are, but I'm not positive. I generally don't do any maintenance with this. And it's never been a problem before. It only started happening today.

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              Hi Andrew,


              Please follow steps in reply # 16 of this thread and see if McAfee updates successfully.



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                Thanks to everyone, but luckily the issuse has solved itself with a system shut down and restart. I'll remember that advice and those steps if ever needed in the future.


                Thanks again.

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                  I'm having a problem with McAfee Personal Firewall Plus for MSN updating. This started with yesterday's update (DAT 7410); as with the original poster, it says that it's downloading updates, but stays at 0% forever. Tried it again earlier today, same thing. I've had absolutely no problems until now. Is McAfee having a problem since more than one of us have reported it? I'm not at all computer savvy, so please don't be afraid to dumb down any instructions -- the more detail, the better. What I'm hoping is that this is just a glitch that is being worked out by the McAfee folks. Thank you.


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                    Please refer to post 3 in this thread by Selvan the McAfee technician and follow his instructions to see if the update would update suscessfully


                    Please let us know if it worked for you

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                      Hi, Tom -- I don't see a "Details" tab in my Windows Task Manager. What do I do?


                      Also, getting logged off isn't a problem -- is the Updating not happening, with 0% running for far too long.


                      I appreciate your assistance.


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                        UPDATE: As of a short time ago, still getting nowhere with that update (7410). I finally got 1% download after about 20 minutes, 2% after another 15-20 minutes....at this rate, I'd be sitting at this all night and into tomorrow. I am on dial-up, which I grant you takes longer than broadband, but given that I was able to download and install the entire McAfee software program from the website in well under 2 hours, I find it hard to believe that any update to it should take 8 -10 hours!



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                          Hi mrshvd3,


                          The details tab of Windows Task Manager is applicable to Win 8 / 8.1 machines. However I would suggest to do a Speedtest by logging on to www.speedtest.net and post back the Upload /Download speed here in order to proceed further.


                          EDIT: Please confirm that McAfee Product is a Consumer version and not an Enterprise / Business version. DAT info - FireWall Plus indicates that this might be Business version..!


                          on 18/4/14 7:19:14 PM IST
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