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    Help mcafee


      Everytime i do a scan quick scan full or custom or scheudle scan it freezes up at 98% or 99% at Rootkit what should i do should i uninstall mcafee? or what should i do i'm runing windows 8.1 just wonder if someone could help me thanks

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          That means when it reaches the "scanning for rootkit" stage something is causing a problem, but to find what would probably involve obtaining logs and only Technical Support can do that.  It's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          You could try the following first (choose whatever order you want to try them):


          1.  Run the Virtual Technician to see if it fixes anything:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/

          2.  Run a disk error check, here's a tutorial:  http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/6221-chkdsk-check-drive-errors-windows-8-a. html

          3.  Run an independant scan using another anti-malware agent such as Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, both linked in the last link in my signature below.  To keep MB free do NOT accept the free trial.

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            I ran Mcafee VT nothing found and i just ran Disk Check no errors Found so what do you suggest now?

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              Try running options in #3 and then if they don't find anything, I would enlist the help of Technical Support as I suggested in the first line.

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                Hi Countrygirl500,


                                  Welcome to the McAfee Communities. It has been my experience as well, when running a manual scan, as I was able to observe, Opposed to when my Weekly scheduled scan occurs. In my experience of such, I waited and observed such and after doing so.


                                It seemed that it was scanning for "Rootkits" and eventually after (4) minutes or so....Completed.


                             If you would kindly, run a "Manual -Full Scan" and see if you see the same. My Version of Virus Scan/Anti-Spyware is ( 16.8.708 ) Current Engine Version ( 1858.0)


                                Please post back your observance.....


                I see that Ex_Brit had posted as I was doing so myself... As I stated on my Machine, the scan eventually finished. As Ex_brit suggested, upon the 1st instance of noticing the seemingly  "Hung Scan", I ran Malwarebytes (Free) which came up clean as well.


                In other words, I deemed this as being  (Normal-Thorough)...Maybe I am incorrect?




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                  I've done all of that still hangs at 98% more than 15mins i contacted support and told me to uninstalled it and reinstalled did that and it still does it? so i'm not sure what problem is

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                    Conact support again and ask them to escalate the case.

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                      I just ran Mcafee VT and it found 1 issue was a registy error so i auto fix that and now i'm re doing a quick scan see if it hangs up at 98% see what happens

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                        OK good luck ;-)

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                          No it still hangs at 98% not sure what problem is now guess gonna have to contact support again

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