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    WatchList API


      I have the need to create some dynamic watchlists based on users in a group. Since the membership in the group can change daily I want to use the external API along with a perl script.


      I currently have the perl script gathering all the members of the group and getting the samaccountname for each user in the group and wrtining out to a file for the externbal API with the following format:


      coomand,watchlist, value





      I try running ext_ImportWatchListFIle inputfile and I get an error.




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          Is your script pulling the information from Active Directory or another LDAP server?  If so, in 9.3.2 you can use LDAP as a source for a dynamic watchlist and not have to use the script. Create the Watchlist as follows.


          1. Select Dynamic as the WL type.
          2. Check the box for Enable Automatic Updates and set an appropriate update frequency.
          3. On the Source Tab select LDAP and enter the IP and credentials for the LDAP server.
          4. On the query tab, entery your query and select the Lookup Attribute to be returned. The Lookup Attribute will be the value returned by AD. Here is an example.
            1. Lookup Attribute: sAMAccountName
            2. Query:  (memberof=CN=compliance,CN=Users,DC=mfe,DC=demo,dc=local)  This query returns all members of the compliance group on my local AD server.
          5. Test the query with the test button.
          6. On the Values tab select the type, Source User
          7. Select Run Now to immediately populate the WL.
          8. Once finished, the WL will udpate automatically at the specified frequency from the first tab.


          Let me know if this works for you. You may find it easier than maintaining a script.


          Mike Epplin

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            I am on 9.2.1, so using a perl script calling NET::LDAP to query group.