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    Client-to-site IPSec VPN to NGFW from non windows clients

    Marco Rottigni

      McAfee includes in Next Generation Firewall the client software for Windows platform to implement client-to-site IPSec VPN.

      This does not mean that Windows is the only client platform usable in this configuration.

      In my private blog I've written detailed configuration guides, which are neither official nor endorsed by McAfee but they take you "right there"

      I report below the direct links to the posts, should any of you have these kind of needs.


      Stonesoft NGFW – The ultimate iOS Mobile VPN HowTo

      And when the IPSec VPN is from OS X (Mountain Lion and Mavericks) native client…

      McAfee NGFW client-to-site VPN with a Samsung S3 running Android 4

      IPSec VPN from Ubuntu Linux to McAfee Next Generation Firewall


      Enjoy, and please use comments to report anything odd or missing... or just to show the love!