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    Scheduled scan not starting


      Have scheduled scan set to run at 07.00 on Sundays. Ages ago, I had unchecked the box that stops it starting until the PC was idle. It always started at 07.00, good as gold, until the clocks were changed in March to British Summer Time (I'm in the UK). My PC clock automatically changed.


      I have tried changing the time on the scheduled scan to see if that would reset it. Nope.


      I have been running a manual scan since then, but would prefer the scheduled scan to work as it should.


      I would be grateful for any ideas, please.


      PC is Windows 7, and Virus Scan is 16.8. Last update yesterday 12/04/2014.

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          Unless my information is wrong it is supposed to start scan when it sees the CPU at less than 10% usage for 10 minutes straight


          If no 10 minute period then it supposed to force a scan after it trys for at least 2 hours


          If you should power off then the 2 hour clock resets itself


          http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=1033&sg=TS is the link to Technical Support but run MVT first to find any component issues that might be causing problem


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            Good Morning kez,


                              kt3g is correct in regards to How McAfee waits until the CPU usage is less than 10%, before running a scheduled scan,updates,Quick Clean, etc. However, if you have the selection (Unchecked) in General Settings, as you stated.


                                In addition, if you are certain that your Clock is accurate and synced with the Internet time. Then your scan should (Automatically) commence at the time pre-scheduled. Irregardless of the CPU usage. For that was the primary reason for unchecking the "Idler".


                                 I have mine set to run at (4:00 AM) as generally speaking, I,m asleep at this time and no other resources are being consumed. Having said all of this...I am inclined to agree with Tom,s suggestions. Run the (Latest) MVT and either follow up with Support/or do a Clean Uninstall/Re-Installation.


                                For in my honest opinion, something seems to have gone wrong.



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              Thanks both for your replies.


              I agree with Cliff that the scan should start at the 'appointed time' as the box in General settings has been uncked for aome time, and remains so.


              Can't think whty I didn't run MVT. I usually do if there is a problem.  Anyhow, I have just done so and there was a problem (registry). MVT says it fixed it.


              I have elft the PC to see if the scan starts up automatically and will report back.

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                Doesn't seem to have worked. Set the scan time for 15.45 and nothing happened. On checking the 'next scan' time , it's moved forward by an hour.


                Look like I might have to uninstall and reinstall, but it's such a faff.....

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                  Uninstall & reinstall might do the trick....be sure to remove the software by Add/Remove programs & reboot the computer


                  Next step is to run MCPR tool found under  http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS101331


                  Next step is to run McAfee preinstall tool http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS100119 found within this link


                  Login to your online McAfee account and download and install your software


                  Let us know if this resolves the issue


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                    Reinstall will fix it but as you said it is annoying.If this was a common bug we would have been swamped with complaints so it appears to be your PC only. I will mention it in our moderator call tomorrow but try the reinstall. If you called support that is what they would do after running MVT. 

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                      Thanks Tony


                      I gave it one more chance and set the scheduled scan for this morning. Also 'reset' clock on PC.


                      And the scan has just started on its own accord.


                      As you say, if it was a common problem, then there would have been many reports. I always check the forums before posting, and couldn't find anything, which I thought was odd, as I was convinced it was to do with the clocks changing! Probably just a co-incidence.


                      I'll see what happens next week.

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                        To really confirm set it to start in say 5 minutes. If it is working this will confirm now rather than waiting a week.